Hunger Games

8 Feb

By: Suzanne Collins Published by Scholastic Press in 2008

Panem, formally known as North America, now divided into twelve districts all ruled by one Capitol. There lives a girl named Katniss Everdeen. Ever since her father died in a mining accident she has had to supply for her mother who has mentally checked out and her little sister Primrose (Prim for short) whom everyone adores including Katniss. She has to Poach beyond the electrified fences of her home along with her best friend and hunting partner, Gale.

Seventy-four years ago, the districts fought against the Capitol and failed, in order to prevent this from happening again, the Capitol created a game in which one boy and girl are drawn from each districts teenagers to compete in a televised game show that is mandatory to watch. The children in the upper districts have been training for this their whole lives hoping to be chosen. Training for what you might ask? Defense. Surviving. Killing human beings.

The whole time in this game the competitors have to kill each other until there is only one standing. And when Katniss’s little twelve year old sister is drawn she bravely volunteers to take her place. Thinking that she may have a slight chance to win, she has hunting experience, but how can she kill a person? Especially when the boy from twelve that she is supposed to kill saved her from starvation five years ago. All hope leaves when she meets her mentor. Haymitch. After winning the twenty-five years ago Haymitch turned into a drunken, lonely person who despises the Capitol and sits in his trashed home all day. How will Katniss survive? Can she kill a human being? Will she ever see her family again?

Talk about the best book. This is the best book. It has three-hundred-sixty pages which I read in about three days. It kept me up even after I was told to stop, I was trying to guess what would happen next, what I wanted to happen next. Over all I loved it and this series, which I have finished, and are my new favorite books!

If you don’t like cliff hangers, because there was one at the end of every chapter or violence, actually there is not much in this book , but in the future books then I recommend you steer clear of this series. Besides that you will love this book and not put it down, I can guarantee that.


“It’s time for the drawing. Effie Trinket sys as she always does, ‘ Ladies first!’ and crosses to the glass ball with the girls names. She reaches in, digs her hand deep in the ball and pulls out a slip of paper. The crowd draws in a collective breath and then you can hear a pin drop, and I’m feeling nauseous and so desperately hoping it’s not, that it’s not me, that it’s not me. Effie Trinket crossed back to the podium, smoothes the slip of paper and reads the name in a clear voice. And it’s not me. It’s Primrose Everdeem.”


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