The Underland Chronicles : Gregor and the Prophecy of the Bane

15 Feb

By: Suzanne Collins

Gregor didn’t want anything to do with the Underland after his encounter with them last summer. He and his little sister called Boots wandered into a grate in the laundry room. They discovered a whole other world beneath his home in New York City that was very different from the one we know here.

Huge bats bond with humans, promising their lives for each other, Giant rats are constantly plotting the humans down fall. Gregor defeated the rats with few remaining, he returned home for good or so he thought. He takes his Boots sledding in Central Park and discovers she’s missing. All clues point to the Underland, which is where he goes in search of her.

He finds her but cannot bring her home until the second prophecy is fulfilled in which Gregor must kill a giant, deadly, white rat. He goes on a quest with his bat bond, Ares and some old friends, but makes new ones along the way. Like a little , friendly rat named Twitchtip, who can smell so well she can detect the color shirt someone is wearing from miles away. Yes, this is strange, but helpful. Will Gregor find a way home? Will he be able to keep him and Boots alive? can he bring peace to the Underland again?

Collins has done it again! I wonder how one could think of something so farfetched yet so thrilling? This was a great with something new to discover in each chapter. I loved this book! I was kept at the edge of me seat, I could imagine being in Gregors situation even though it is very unlikely to happen.

This book is definitely fictional, if you like real life situations than this may not be the book for you. Again, a change nice, if you’re looking for a change then this is the series to start with. On the other hand, if your into fictional or fantasy books already read this series! It’s awesome!

The Prophecy of the Bance:
” If Under fell, if over leaped,
If life was death, if death life reaps
Something rises from the Gloom
To make the Underland a tomb

Hear it scratching down below
rat of long forgotten snow
evil cloaked in coat of white
Will the warrior drain the light?

what could turn the warrior weak?
What do burning Gnawers seek?
Just a barley speaking pup
Who holds the land of under up

Die the baby, Die his heat
Die his most essential part.
Die the peace that rules the hour.
Gnawers have their key to power.”
“Gregor didn’t Know what it meant any more than he had understood” the Prophecy of the Gray.” But his mind snagged on one Phrase chilled him to the bone: Die the baby…. Die the baby…… Die the baby….Boots.”


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