The Underland Chronicles : Gregor and the Curse of the Warm bloods

18 Feb

Gregor has survived two life threatening prophecy’s in a place known as the Underland, miles below his apartment in New York City. Where everything there is just as big as you and can speak. Bats bond with humans pledging their lives to risk for one another, and rats are always ready to strike the humans.

This is all he can think about now, with his friend, Luxa and her bond, Auroura, gone missing and no word of their return has arrived yet. One day Gregor does receive a scroll from the Underland. He is needed to find a cure that is killing every creature left and right, called the curse of warm bloods. Amazingly he convinces his mother to let him go thinking it will be for a couple hour long meeting. She lets him go on one condition, she goes with him.

When they arrive to the human Underland city of Regalia he discovers it has taken his own bond, Ares. Along with several other close friends. How will Gregor find the cure? Is Ares and his friends going to live? When will they return to the Overland?

I thought this book was good, although it did not have quite enough action for me. I still thought that the story line was great and creative. The author threw in some very surprising twsits, which I likes very much, without the book being confusing at all. It was a great book with 357 pages which I read in about 2 days.

I’ve said it past reviews about this series, if you don’t like fiction of fantasy than this may not be the book for you. It is a great book if you are still warming up to bigger books. If you like me and love fantasy, then I say you should go for this book.

Quote: ” ‘ I know,’ said Gregor. I won’t do anything to get him worked up or anything.” He know you were supposed to be quiet around people in hospitals. Before the doctor could change his mind, Greogor hurried down the corridor. He was suddenly excited at the prospect of seeing his friend after all these months, He wanted Ares to know that it would be okay. He was here. A cure would be found. They would fly together again. His feet picked up speed, and he had suppress the impulse to run. He whipped around the corner into another hall. On one side was a long glass wall. Gregor looked through the glass and saw his bat. Then he leaned over and threw up.”


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