The Underland Chronicles: Gregor and the Marks of Secret

23 Feb

By: Suzanne Collins

A lot has happened to Gregor in the past year of his life. He discovered a world beneath his apartment, fulfilled three prophecies, worried over his friend, Luxa’s disappearance and then found her living with a colony of mice or nibblers to the Underland. His mother got a deadly plague and is making a slow but miraculous recovery. He bonded with a bat named Ares, promising his life for Ares life. And that’s not all, he has become a rager, which means he is a great fighter and has yet to control his “powers”.

After all that you would think Gregor would despise the Underland but instead he spends his summer vacationing there! Getting to know his new friends and bond better. Not all good things last long though. When he and Luxa receive word that mice she owes her life too are in big danger. Setting off on yet another quest to rescue the mice, with a giant blood thirsty rat on their tails. Along the way Gregor meets new friends and also witnesses some true tragedies. This has really taken a toll on he and some of his friends relationships and has him questioning their trust. Will their relationships last? Who should trust? Will they reach the mice in time? Will he ever control his rager powers?

Yet another brilliant book from Suzanne Collins! I was at the edge of my seat during the whole book with 350 pages which I read in almost a day. It was pretty good, at times I thought it dragged but found that every sentence counted.

Again, this book and series is great, definitely read the whole series before you read this. If you can’t picture anything fictional then don’t read this. It requires your full imagination. If you can use your imagination then go for this series! I recommend this book to those of you with imagination!


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