Underland chronicles: GREGOR AND THE CODE OF THE CLAW

27 Feb

Gregor has lived through three of the Underland prophecies that have called for a lot of him, but he didn’t ever think the fourth one would call for his death. And Gregor has only found out recently in the war the rats and had time to think about when he was dungeon for two days in complete darkness. Yes, he was thrown in the dungeon so that he and his family would stay and fight in the war.

He would have done this not only for his family but for his bat bond, Ares, and the queen who happens to be a close friend and maybe more, Luxa. He has many reasons to stay in the Underland, especially because someone like him doesn’t belong in New York , he has become a warrior and a rager. A rager is a deadly, lethal killer. There is no controlling a rager, they cannot help themselves when it comes to battles especially with newfound talent called, echolocation. Now accepting his death foretold in the prophecy determined to take the leader of the rats, the bane, down with him. As he prepare to leave for the historic battle between him and the bane, there is a code that has been overlooked.

Someone known as the princess, who in the past has been his little sister, Boots, adored by the cockroaches is supposed to crack this code. He was wrong though, it is other sister, Lizzie, this is the first time she has been to the Underland, and has gotten by with a minimum amount panic attacks. How will Gregor save the Underland? Will Gregor prove the prophecy wrong and live? Will Gregor kill the Bane?

Not the best book in the series, the worst one actually. I guess that’s not entirely true, the book had a pattern, things would move really slow, then a huge break thorough and make it’s way back to slow, huge break through, slower, and repeat. I hated the ending, I will not spoil it though. I did cry, no I bawled in this book! The rest of the books were amazing, but I wish there was more to this book, I wasn’t satisfied!

I recommend this series, this book was not as good and did not reach my expectations for Collins! I though parts of it was good, some parts dragged on, the beginning was good, it was mostly in the middle of the book that dragged, the end picked real well. Read the series, I read this in two days, with 412 pages, I really wanted to know the characters fate. Read the series!

QUOTE: “After a moment, Luxa began:
Ripred the gnawer, I bond to you, Our life and death are one we two,
In dark, in flame, in , win strife, I save you as I save my life.” This is what the citizens of the Underland say to each other forming a bond to risk their lives for each other, it was a very sacred promise!


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