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I am number four: Pittacus Lore

18 Mar

Imagine a distant undiscovered planet called Lorien. Everything there would grow abundantly, they had faced the same environmental issues we face today on earth, yet they fixed it much more efficiently giving their inhabitants ( Humans and other creatures ) amazing powers and a life expectancy of 250 years. That was then though and this now. The planet was attacked by the Mogadorians because they failed to revive their own planet. Nine children were sent here, on earth with their own guardians. They were each assigned a number, the Mogadorians must kill them in order. If any of them comes together the charm they are all under will be broken.
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Beastly by Alex Flinn

14 Mar

Kyle kingsbury had everything a ninth greater could dream of. He had an awesome house, daddy’s money, the hottest girlfriend and was homecoming king. That dance seemed it would the best night of his life but it turned to change his entire life around. He’s cursed by a witch turning his outside appearance just as bad as his inside one.
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11 Mar

ugliesTally never thought that her and best friends three months age difference would the thing to them apart. Why? In Tally’s world when you turn sixteen you get an operation done making you drop dead gorgeous, just like every other person in the New pretty town, where your only job is to party.
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Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

5 Mar

Alex’s parents died when he was little, leaving him with his Uncle, Ian Rider. When Ian Rider dies in a car crash, the police claim he didn’t have a seat belt on, but Alex knows this is not true.
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