11 Mar

ugliesTally never thought that her and best friends three months age difference would the thing to them apart. Why? In Tally’s world when you turn sixteen you get an operation done making you drop dead gorgeous, just like every other person in the New pretty town, where your only job is to party.

Tally is only a few months from this paradise. On one of her many expeditions she goes a little too far into New pretty which is restricted for all uglies, such as herself nearly getting caught if it wasn’t for a new friend, Shay. Shay isn’t sure she wants to become a pretty though, and shortly before the birthday her and Tally share she disappears. When the day comes for Tally to get the Operation the doctor tells her it will have to wait until she leads them to her friend in a town called the Smoke. Everyone there is Ugly and she finds herself falling for a citizen there named David. Will she be able to betray her friends? Will she become a Pretty?

I thought this was an excellent book, it had about 410 pages and I read it in a day and a half. I thought it had a catchy begining but it dragged at parts. It wasted chapter after chapter that could have easily been wrapped up in one. I sure you know what it feels like to be so wrapped up in a book and feel the same intensity the character is feeling but I didn’t feel it all the times I was supposed.

I did sometimes but not when it really mattered as much. I had a great plot and I could feel the characters personalities easily.

Don’t read this if you can never finish big books. This is totally fictional and I like that, I don’t like real situations. It is pretty good like I said, I was addicted at parts and totally bored at others. It was good read though.


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