Beastly by Alex Flinn

14 Mar

Kyle kingsbury had everything a ninth greater could dream of. He had an awesome house, daddy’s money, the hottest girlfriend and was homecoming king. That dance seemed it would the best night of his life but it turned to change his entire life around. He’s cursed by a witch turning his outside appearance just as bad as his inside one.

Giving him killer fangs and claws, hair all over and roar at every other word. His own father, who happens to be a very rich news anchor, is so disgusted he’s rather take the chance of him dying in a plastic surgery operation than look at him as is another second. So he sends him to a huge house in Brooklyn to live with the Maid, Magda and a tutor named Will and his seeing eye dog as he is blind. He has two years to find someone to love him like this or stay like this forever.

Thinking that all hope is lost he has found bliss in a greenhouse filled with precious roses and has now changed his name to Adrian meaning darkness. One day when a lowly, drug addicted looser breaks in and Adrian catches him the man trades his daughter for his freedom, Lindy. Adrian, thinking this is his one chance to find love takes the bargain, if her father would trade her than her life must be pretty bad. Turns out taking a girl prisoner doesn’t get her on your good side. Will Adrian ever get her to love him? Will her break the spell? Ever have anything close to a normal life?

I loved this book, although it made some sexual remarks only when he was a jerk and some swearing. I thought it was an interesting story though and I want to read some more books by the author.


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