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The Nine Lives Of Chloe King

29 Aug
Chloe is just your average fifteen-almost sixteen-year old girl. She crushes on guys, fights with her mom, and hangs out with friends. Around her sixteenth birthday Chloe might be questioning how normal she really is, there’s super the night vision, super hearing, and oh yeah- the claws. Chloe learns who she is and some else does too…and their after her. Chloe has nine lives to live, nine lives to endure. Someone knows this, and they’re after her.
Okay, there was language. That made me a little uncomfortable. Brilliant writing, lovable characters and all, but I didn’t like the ending. I’m sure many other readers would agree with me.

The Host by Stephanie Meyers

1 Aug

The HostMelanie Stryder, one of the few remaining humans , refuses to wither away like she was never there. Our world has been invaded by tiny aliens, that take on the planets inhabitants as hosts, continuing their ives for the experience.
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The Possession by Elana Johnson

1 Aug

The possesion- Elana JohnsonVi knows what’s Good and what’s Bad. She knows she shouldn’t break the rules. No for a boy, even a Good one. She knows the rules just supposed protect her from the Badlands, and all the Baddies that live there. But for Zenn, she’d do anything.
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