The Host by Stephanie Meyers

1 Aug

The HostMelanie Stryder, one of the few remaining humans , refuses to wither away like she was never there. Our world has been invaded by tiny aliens, that take on the planets inhabitants as hosts, continuing their ives for the experience.

Melanie is captured to be a human host, and accepting her end. Wanderer, the Soul that was given Melanie’s body was warned about what it was like to be in a human, the emotions, the detailed memories, the violent nature of humans.

Wanderer was well warned, but she didn’t expect the previous owner to put up a fight for her body. Wanderer decides to use this for her species, exploring Melanie’s memories, hoping to find clues leading to the rest of the humans. Instead she finds memories of the man Melanie loves, Jared. She can’t help but love him too, unable to separate her thoughts and wants from Melanie’s. Melanie and Wanderer soon choose to find Jared, the human man still in hiding, as allies.

Captivating. This book was slow to begin with and it is pretty big, at times I also thought of the movie AVATAR. The beginning captured my attention, wanting to learn more about these little creatures. Then it got a little boring, I think Meyers could have shortened some conversations and explanations because that was stretched and I’ll admit I skipped. About thirty percent of the way through it really picked up.

It was entertaining to read Melanie and Wanderer auguring, having normal conversations, even comforting each other. The way Meyers (Author of the Twilight Saga) described the characters, the way she made Wanderer think really made you think about different views of all the characters. Fabulous work. This may be one of the first book where I was almost totally satisfied with the ending, but what ending really is? I mean always want to keep following the characters you’ve fallen in love with. A truly terrific tale.


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