The Possession by Elana Johnson

1 Aug

The possesion- Elana JohnsonVi knows what’s Good and what’s Bad. She knows she shouldn’t break the rules. No for a boy, even a Good one. She knows the rules just supposed protect her from the Badlands, and all the Baddies that live there. But for Zenn, she’d do anything.

The Thinkers already matched them so what would one kiss do? Determined to be independent and think for herself, she answers: Nothing. But when Vi is caught, her 7th, no 8th offense might become her last. The Thinkers want her to become one of them, they’ll do anything to get her to become one of them, even brain washing Zenn… Desperate, Vi teams up with fellow convict, a Baddie name Jag. She can’t quite trust him but also can’t resist him. She also can’t leave Zenn behind. Soon this becomes a matter of right and wrong, control or be controlled, Zenn or Jag, is she Good or Bad?

This was a good book, great idea. The author didn’t make it too easy to be in favor of a certain boy, which make the book all the more interesting. The technology they used would take a lot to thought of. The twist were well placed, but a little predictable. I pretty had the book figured out.


Okay, if you haven’t read this, I demand you stop reading this and start reading the book. If you have, feel free to discuss this with me. The minute when she said that Thanes voice, it was familiar, the thought crossed my mind that Thane may be her father. When she said he had authorized permission to leave into the woods I knew. Then, when I read about Gavin, waiting in Freedom. That she was a ranger, and Pace’s age I knew she was Tyson too. Maybe this is what the author intended but I didn’t like it. I thought it was very predictable.


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