If I Stay

28 Oct

That last thing that seventeen year old cellist, Mia, remembers is driving down a snowy road. Then, in one short moment, she finds herself watching as her own body is being carried away on an ambulance, with her parents dead bodies following her, and her little brother’s status unknown to her. She has a choice between living and dying. She learns that dying is easy and living is the hard part. Can she stay not knowing if her brother is alive, and knowing it will do to friends? Or can she leave to join her parents?

A touching story. That’s a bit of an understatement. It makes you think about life and just how precious it is. It makes you think about how things could change in a blink of an eye. How tragedy strikes like lighting sometimes. A flash, then devastation. No warning what so ever. She shift from ‘is’ to ‘was. I thought about my choice, what would I decide? I couldn’t answer at first. After some though I decided that I’d want to live, that’s the brave thing to do. That would be the selfless thing to do.

This was a great book, it had some swearing though. That is the only fault I found in it. It had some deep points and the words flowed wonderfully.

If I stay, by: Gayle Foreman


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