Across the Universe by Beth Revis

17 Feb

Across the UniverseAmy and her parents are doing something extraordinary. If you call being frozen in order to migrate to a planet 300 years away extraordinary. It will be hard, leaving her first love and leaving the great memories with best friends behind 250 years into the trip however, someone unfreezes her, someone tries to kill her. She wants to find out, but that’s the last thing that the leader of the ship, a grumpy man called eldest, wants.

He thinks that is Chaos. Chaos is just what his apprentice, Elder, loves. Everything is to orderly on the ship, no one knows anything. So when Amy, comes around, Elder becomes alive. And in love, since there is no one on the ship his age and she is. Amy doesn’t want to give up her first love though, although he’s probably dead by now. Will Elder get Amy to start a new life? Will Amy find out who tried to kill her?

This was a pretty good book, it held my interest but I did have to push myself at some parts. I didn’t really think that it’s going to make it big, like twilight or the Hunger games though. It’s a good read if you’re running out of books.


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