Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

17 Feb

Mortal Instruments by Cassandra ClareClary doesn’t know who her father is. Neither do half the kids in the world. It doesn’t stop her from an average life though. Until one night, out clubbing, she witnesses a murder that no one else can see. She later learns that the victim was a demon, that killers were shadow hunters, people sent to kill demons.

She’s baffled as to why she can see them, and other humans can’t but when her mother disappears the next day, she knows she’s in for something big. And when their closest friend, Luke, won’t help and dashes for no reason, she gets suspicious. Clary must now adjust to this new world and try to keep all her loved ones alive, plus avoiding to fall for the charming boy Jace.

This series was wonderful. It had a great plot and I loved some of the twists although they would frustrate me, I’d be talking to the book saying, “No! This can’t happen! They just fixed everything!” I wish there was one more in the series. It ended when things finally got fixed, I wanted to know what they would do if they weren’t fighting for their lives. All in all though, I recommend this book.


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