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Blood Red Road (Dustlands #1)

20 Jun

By: Moira Young

Silverlake, really no good point in callin it that no more. It’s turned into a dust wasteland, where everyone leaves, essept Saba, Lugh, Emmi, and their Pa. Wreckers left nothin for the generation behind them, nothin but a cruel world and landfills. Saba don’t complain, as long as Lugh is with her, the world goes on. One day after a storm though, 4 men in long black cloaks ridin on horses take Lugh and Kill their Pa. Leavin Saba, stuck with Emmi (her little sister that she blames for the death of her Ma and hates her). They set off to find Lugh, but learn that the world is so much more awful outside of Silverlake. Kidknapped and turned into a cage fighter, Saba learns that she can actually live on as a strong, fierce, survivor as she meets some new friends in some unusual ways. Teaming up with the what she calls a sly snake of a man, Jack. Will she ever find Lugh? Will she an Emmi make it out alive.
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